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LTO LiFePO4 Active balancer balance current up to 10A with bluetooth APP


12 cells~ 24cells 1A Bluetooth APP Battery Active Balancer For Li-ion Lipo LiFepo4 LTO Batteries


The battery active equalizer is a balanced management system tailored for large-capacity tandem lithium battery packs. The equalizer uses supercapacitor as a medium to achieve active energy transfer equalization.
The equalizer is suitable for 12S-24S battery packs with voltage acquisition and equalization. When the equalizer is working, the energy transfer is performed with an equalizing current of 1 A. The equalizing current does not depend on the voltage difference of the series connected cells in the battery pack. The voltage acquisition range is 1V-5V and the accuracy is +/-5mV. It can be applied to all kinds of lithium batteries on the market such as lithium iron phosphate, lithium,Lipo,Li-ion and LTO.
The equalizer has Bluetooth communication function and is equipped with mobile APP software. You can check the cell voltage, view the balance status, and modify the setup parameters through the Bluetooth connection equalizer. It can be used in small sightseeing vehicles, scooters, shared cars, high-power energy storage, base station backup power, solar power stations and other products in the battery pack.
1. Support 12-24S battery pack
2. Real-time, active, energy transfer equalization, after the balance is reached, the pressure difference between the cells is less than or equal to 3mV
3. Support all battery types such as lithium iron phosphate, lithium,Lipo,Li-ion and LTO, super capacitor
4. The equalization current is set independently in the range of 0.1-1A, independent of the cell voltage difference
5. Support balanced cascading to apply to battery packs above 24S, theoretically there is no limit
6. Bluetooth communication function, equipped with APP, check battery status in real time
7. Balanced resistance detection, abnormal contact failure is found in advance
8. No external power supply, direct battery pack power supply, power supply range: 40V-100V
9. Low voltage shutdown function to prevent battery damage

Size: 130mm*87*20mm

Power consumption: equalization state 10mA@100V, unbalanced state 6mA@100V

2 cells~ 24cells 1A Bluetooth APP Battery Active Balancer For Li-ion Lipo LiFepo4 LTO Batteries(need to use external power supply over 40V, consume 1W power, 40V@10mA, 100V@10mA)

New version 2S-24S support balance current 2A and 10A will be available soon.